Episode 4: (Not So) Smart Watches

Show notes:

Ryan’s App to Tap: Mario Run, currently only for iOS. Very fun game for when you’re sitting on the “pot”.

Andrew’s Fun Fact: Why are puns funny? Read this article: Here’s What Happens in Your Brain When You Hear a Pun. It’s about the left and right sides of your brain processing the language and the humor separately.

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Episode 3: App to tap and recent purchases

We’re pleased to announce we have recorded our third episode!

Check it out:

Show Notes

Ryan’s App to Tap

Welcome to our new segment. Ryan’s app for the week is Bumpers. Bumpers.fm this is the app we’re using now to record our podcast. It is working great for us and we strongly suggest it. (But… we don’t need the competition, so maybe let us have this one.)

Favorite recent purchases:

Ryan: Ryan loves the Better Back. The better back is a device to help improve posture for people who do a lot of sitting. Find our more information at getbetterback.com.

Andrew: Andrew loves the Echo Dot. The Dot is Amazon’s light version of the Echo. The Dot has basically all the same features as the original Echo, but it’s smaller and costs less. The speaker is not as good, but everything else is very similar. Check it out.

Here’s the video of Echo and Google Home going back and forth: Link

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