Episode 10: 10 for 10!

We’re back! I literally never thot I’d see the day!!


App2Tapp: Robinhood, buy ‘n’ sell stockies for free! Remember: buy low and sell high to maximize your profits!! Direct download linx: iPhone / Android

Team RWB is the official veteran org for young-ish types. Check it out.

Go Ruck is the official athletic supporter of #TeamRWB. Check out their hawt products.

The specific product we referenced is the “Ranger Panties“. You can also buy the “panties” from their creator Soffe.

Episode 7: Global Entry and Travel Plans

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Show Notes

If anyone wants more information about Global Entry, check out the Global Entry website.

Andrew’s app was Solitaire by Brainium Studios:

Ryan’s App to Tap was the new Echo app from Amazon. Here are the links:

If you are curious about the Echo, here are links to the Echo and Echo Dot. We’ll talk more about these on a later show, but we wholeheartedly endorse these devices. They’re pretty great.