The R&R Podcast was launched in late 2016 to focus on technology, current events, and trending topics. Soon after it’s launch, organically travel became one of it’s key foci.

We are now not one of the leading travel and entertainment podcasts on the internet. With literally tens of listeners and one sponsor we are breaking new ground with each episode.

In each episode, you can expect to hear one or more of the following segments:

  • Ryan’s App to Tap” where Ryan reviews and suggests a mobile app work downloading and using.
  • Hot Products” where we each share a product we’re using and/or loving.
  • Travel Tips” where we share insights and tips from our extensive traveling experiences.
  • POWER thoughts” where Andrew (usually) signs off with a empowering thought for YOU.

We try to release a new episode biweekly.

Feel free to reach out to us on our TALK BACK LINE!

YOU CAN text or call us (and leave a message) at 614-54-R-AND-R (+1 614-547-2637). We’d love to hear from you! Send us comments, travel questions, constructive compliments, and/or other feedback!